Changes of the Heart

Self-Help and Personal Development

By Roma Zanders

Publisher : BookSurge Publishing

ABOUT Roma Zanders

Roma Zanders


A group of Martha Beck certified life coaches wrote "Changes of the Heart," which shares tools and information from the developing field of life coaching. Each featured coach wrote about her particular expertise, including such topics as weight loss, living in gratitude, better parenting, dealing with grief, and more. The book developed from a discussion on the web forum for Martha Beck certified life coaches. “I meet a lot of people who don’t know what a life coach does,” said the editor of the book, Anna Paradox. “We decided together to show life coaching in action. So each coach wrote a chapter covering a specific topic she knows well. The book demonstrates what we do through practical tools and real life examples.” Other topics covered in the thirteen chapters of "Changes of the Heart" include taking stock of finances, improving work relations, making difficult choices, increasing energy, writing a book, and discovering yourself through motorcycling.