Why I Don't Need You But I Want You Around Anyway and I Enjoy Your Company

Self-Help and Personal Development

By Kundan Chhabra

Publisher : Kundan Chhabra

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Kundan Chhabra
"Kundan Chhabra activates the Truth of who you are by removing your limiting beliefs and getting you to experience the empowering freedom and love that you really are, which heals you from past emotional trauma and helps you fulfill all your goals (not NLP/Hypnosis). He teaches mind-b More...



Many relationship coaches and dating experts have told me, "I would give this to all my clients. This is exactly what I have been trying to tell my clients, and you nailed it!" Let me explain.  


Have you ever wanted to know why you always felt like you needed to be with the person you loved all the time even though you knew deep down that you did not really need that person in order for you to be alive and happy? This will answer your question! And there's more!


You will also finally have a model of love that allows you to be self-confident, self-sufficient, and happy with or without the person you love, and yet still be able to be in an intimate relationship with that person and still value and appreciate him or her - in fact, you will appreciate him or her even more than before you read the ebook above! So read on.


You will learn how to love yourself and yet still love others. Now here comes the best part!

It took me many years to perfect this product and many moments of inspiration. So, you will save yourself years of confusion by reading this ebook. :) :) I've been paid the equivalent of $500 for the above gift, and you are now getting this for free!

“I read Kundan's love poem; my heart sat up with rapt attention and my body felt relieved, softer. Some poems bring space, expansiveness, others bring grace. His poem brings expansive grace.”
~ Anne Sermons Gillis, Author of Offbeat Prayers for the Modern Mystic
“Kundan is a special person with a rare heart and so much love to give.”
~ Mirabai Starr, contemporary translator of 'Dark Night of the Soul' and 'The Interior Castle'
“What can I say about Kundan's work? When I read or hear his poems, I feel my heart and soul expand as his words of love and beauty touch and fill me in ways I have never before experienced. Kundan is truly a man of incredible spiritual depth and creativity. Read and be ready to be moved as his words will uplift, shift, and gift you in more ways than you could know. Enjoy!!”
Rev. Liz Luoma