The Clear Win - Pitching for new business

Business, Money & Investing

By Sid Peimer

Publisher : Stratplanning

ABOUT Sid Peimer

Sid Peimer
I am a strategic planner, speaker, trainer and writer.  My background is somewhat eclectic, but has allowed me to draw from diverse disciplines: Karate Instructor, River Guide, Actor, Filmmaker, Lecturer, Copywriter, Chemistry Tutor and Frozen Chicken Cutter. I qualified in Pharmacy ( More...


There are only two ways to grow a business: sell more to existing clients; get new clients. And the latter usually involves a pitch. I have combined my experience in pitching (from Government to family business and everything in-between) with extensive research to tell a story that will, hopefully, forever change your view on new business pitching. The book strips away the myths and legends - revealing pitch strategies that really work. The Clear Win combines empirical evidence with insight, to provide you with an inspired perspective on winning new business. There's also an element of fiction with Little Johnny, that gives this book an important quality missing from business literature today: fun.