Banana's Mean & Funny Valentine Poems

Humor, Poetry, Romance

By Michele Brenton

Publisher : Endaxi Press

ABOUT Michele Brenton

Michele Brenton
I'm known on the internet as banana_the_poet aka Michele Brenton. 
I was born in Swansea, Wales and lived for 3 years on the Greek island of Kefalonia in the Ionian Sea.

I prefer to write short snappy pieces whether serious or quirky.
My main influences have been Hil More...


16 mean and funny valentine poems by banana the poet - to make you laugh and smile. Free ebook available on Smashwords. 

On Valentine's Day I get around 6,000 visitors a day to my poetry4fun blog. People flock to read and share my funny and mean Valentine poems. Last year I compiled them into a short inexpensive ebook. So they could be enjoyed more conveniently. This year I made them free to download on Smashwords!