#DEATHtweet: A Well-Lived Life through 140 Perspectives on Death and its Teachings

ABOUT Timothy Tosta

Timothy Tosta
Timothy Tosta is a 61-year-young Santa Cruz native, now residing in San Mateo, California. He also is one of California’s leading land use and environmental lawyers. At the age of 41, Tim was given a two-year survival prognosis as a consequence of a misdiagnosed melanoma, which had gone More...



Birth is life's first miracle, shrouded in awe and mystery. Death, however, remains the proverbial elephant in the room--real and looming, but ignored. Death deserves more credit than it receives. Together with birth, death forms the container that shapes our lives. If we choose to acknowledge it, death offers a framework for examining life and living it more consciously, meaningfully, and lovingly.

'#DEATHtweet Book01' seeks to disarm and demystify death, to expose its teachings, to guide us toward a life filled with purpose and meaning, allowing us to experience ourselves and our world in all its abundance.


Timothy Tosta is an innovative, insightful and evocative speaker and lecturer. He also is a cancer survivor, a seasoned hospice volunteer, an insightful executive coach and an amateur musician. Moreover, he is recognized as one of California’s leading land use and environmental attorneys. It is how Tim brings all of this together that hooks you. Few people in their early forties are confronted with a personal crisis that demands they take a hard look at themselves and restructure their lives to give it meaning. Fewer still have the insight, having faced a terminal cancer prognosis, to seek out, as community service, volunteer hospice work at an urban public hospital, attending to the dying from all strata of society – homeless, cognitively impaired, elderly or newly arrived immigrants. Tim has taken what he has learned from his own experiences facing death and from his work with the dying, to a broader audience, through his highly acclaimed lecture series on “Lessons for the Living” and his emotionally evocative hospice writings, Putting Things in Perspective – Stories from a Hospice Volunteer. Now, Tim has authored #DEATHtweet - A Well Lived Life through 140 Perspectives on Death and its Teachings, published by HappyAbout Press, to rave reviews.

"In this beautiful book, the lessons are entirely about living--how to create happier, richer lives. Each tweet is lovely in itself and part of a fabric that moves me and makes me think differently about my own life."
Rick Foster, CoAuthor of 'How We Choose to Be Happy' and 'Choosing Brilliant Health'

"Like snowflakes, each tweet is unique, perfect. With death as a backdrop, the effect of their cascading one upon the other is breathtaking!"
Megory Anderson, Author of 'Sacred Dying'

"'#DEATHtweet Book01' powerfully and beautifully captures the complexities of what it means to be human: to love, to ache, to live and yes, to die."
Rev. Bruce Reyes-Chow, Pastor, Mission Bay Community Church

"'#Deathtweet Book01' is a thought-provoking, and ultimately inspiring, meditation on living well."
Karen Janowski, Partner, Ecostrategy Group