SANCTUARY OF CREATIVITY A Quest into Flow and the Authentic Self

Self-Help and Personal Development

By Wal Achmueller

Publisher : not yet published

ABOUT Wal Achmueller

Wal Achmueller
Wal Achmueller, M.S. is an artist, curator and communicator; devoted to encourage creative self expression. She works with archetypes in a variety of mediums to facilitate change and conscious evolution



Book Description: Yes, it is true when you climb high you can fall low, the important thing is - you have to get up again, and over time what it really comes down to is: how deeply rooted are you in your Self, how deeply do you know your passion? How committed are you to your passion, even in the face of adversity? This book intends to help you to come to the center of the wheel, to come to your Sanctuary of Creativity where in the face of adversity you can remain still and have peace of mind, joy in the heart, feel connected and know that the next best thing is just around the corner. Endearingly, and grateful I am looking at my hands; these hands have been in service for over half a century. No other tool that I have ever come across in my life has endured time the way that these hands have been able to. They have dug for potatoes in autumn fields, they have held children and grandchildren, caressed lovers, fed pets, helped serve food and drinks thousands of times, carried the paintbrush over walls and ties, tied decades of shoes and were in relentless service from morning to evening with doing tasks. Yes, there were times when they were bruised from all the action, many a thorn has entered them over the years, they also had to wipe my own tears sometimes, and yes, they do show the sign of time, as the skin over the bones has grown a bit wrinkled. If my Face-book friend, the hand analyzer were to take one of my hands and read the inside lines, she would be able to tell a most wondrous story about these hands and the living that came along with them. These hands are the record keepers of my journey and now they are in service to bring you these tools from the treasure chest of my Sanctuary of Creativity. Have you thanked your hands lately?

If you go to Google Earth and type in her address it will take you on a zoom ride into her backyard garden. There you can even see the green/blue umbrella; that’s because the area is of pivotal importance, as it is located just at the outskirt of the Big Apple, and at a short distance to one of the major airports in the world. This is really of no relevance other than to give you an anchor in time and space. It was right there in that garden that she entered the universe on an ordinary day that brought her magical, extraordinary moments and insights. Her eyes made a quantum leap and zoomed into microscopic vision mode, and there she was, witness to the fly standing in the center of wild growing chicory, holding on firmly to the greenish, yellow semen stem and gnawing on the rich deeper yellow nectar buds. From all her work with energy systems she knew that chicory represents unconditional love in the collection of Bach Flower Essences. An ordinary moment had suddenly become extraordinary through her perception and the attention she gave to it. The common light blue chicory, seen as a weed by most, had become home of an intimate meeting with a fly, she felt the love deep inside of her for this tiny, yet concrete creature, as she actually made contact with its little eyeballs. It was a sacred encounter of which she couldn’t talk to anyone, as she was aware that it would have surely provoked ridicule. In quantum theory it has since become talk of the time, that the witness plays a crucial role in that what is or is not, what unfolds or does not. Originally she had lived in a ‘heritage of humanity’ place, where deep from the mountains come sagas of gnomes and other magical beings. A place of deeply rooted rituals that most would follow and few understood. Fear and quilt where predominant teachers. Conditioning that has set very deep into her cells and that would take much shedding for decades in her adult life. She had a mother who believed in stories and she would read to her, Anderson, Brothers Grimm and ‘One Thousand and One Night’. Those stories had held the key, which opened the door for her to enter the imaginary, magical world of emeralds, fairies on swings and bright light, where one could climb on sunbeams and cross lotus covered lakes on swans.

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