Shame On Me

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Gabbriella Conte
Just recently published my 1st book Shame On Me. It is a book on befriending your ex and how it affected my life. Leaving a marriage of nearly 28 years behind and becoming very good friends with my ex for the last 13 years I learned a lot. And believe me when I tell you I was totally surpr More...



A Book on my experience of befriending my ex.

My story of how befriending my ex for 13 years affected my life. Learn what happened in the end. My ex and I became very good friends after our divorce. We were married for nearly 3 decades. After I left him 13 years ago he never verbally abused me again. This was a healing time for me and our family during this time. Recently he shut his son & I out of his life when he remarried. I always knew this day would come but I somehow thought he had changed enough in the last 13 years as not to do this to us. My relationship does not matter at this time after all I am the one who ended the marriage because of abuse and unfaithfulness. But I do feel his one and only son deserved to be treated differently along the way. Choices...we all make them...some selfish and some sacrificial. Then we have to live with the out come. Someday he will know if he made the right choice. I think he already knows. Read my book, relax with me, cry with me or even laugh with or at me. Because laughing is so very healing to your body.And this is what this book has done for me. It not only healed my spirit and mind but my body also.