Still Waters


By Misha Crews

Publisher : Vanilla Heart Publishing

ABOUT Misha Crews

Misha Crews
I have always loved stories!  When I was very young my father used to tell me stories to keep me entertained when we traveled, even if it was just on the bus ride to the zoo.  When I got older, my mother (bless her) coaxed me away from the television and into reading by offering to pay  More...



A tragic death....
A disturbing photo that can't be explained....
A woman drowning in an ocean of secrets....

In 1950s Virginia, beautiful, serious Jenna Appleton seems to have found the life she's always wanted.  But underneath the shallow gleam of her bright suburban world, murky truths are waiting to surface.
On the morning that her husband dies in a tragic accident, Jenna finds a shocking photo of him in the arms of a beautiful woman.  And before she can ask him about it, he's gone forever.
Five years later, Jenna has buried her questions and remade her life.  But the reappearance of an old love stirs up guilty questions, and she realizes that some secrets aren't meant to be hidden.  The deeper she dives for answers, the darker the water gets.  How will she find happiness for herself and her family, when every step she takes towards the strange and awful truth seems to lead her right back to her own home shores?

"Jenna Appleton knows all about loss.  She also knows about secrets.  Painted against the backdrop of 1950’s Arlington, Virginia the story unfolds as Jenna copes with the unexpected death of her young husband.  Just days after, when she finds a hidden picture of him holding another woman and a baby, she’s compelled to search for answers.  Then, her husband’s childhood friend, Adam reenters her life igniting a forgotten flame and she begins to grow a few secrets of her own.  Will the secrets be too much?  What will Jenna find when she seeks the truth behind the mysterious photograph of her husband?  It is a tale that kept me turning the pages to the very end.  In this powerful and emotional second novel, Misha Crews guides us through the winding and tangled paths of love, loss and deception that plant themselves like a cancer into the lives of an ordinary family and threatens to destroy.  A thoroughly immersing and enjoyable read." - Karen Cantwell, author of Take the Monkeys and Run

"I was propelled through the story as if by a strong current of fast moving water. A captivating, many-faceted story of a woman who was ahead of her time trying to resolve her duty to her family and the yearnings of her heart." - Mary Ellison

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