A Business Owner's Guide to Managing Sales People

Business, Money & Investing

By Phil Gerber

Publisher : Happy About

ABOUT Phil Gerber

Phil Gerber
Philip Gerber talked the talk and walked the walk for over 40 years. The knowledge he acquired from selling to small organizations as well as to Fortune 500 companies has translated into his ability to train salespeople all over America. Phil has owned over a dozen small businesses ranging More...


Philip Gerber wrote 'Managing Salespeople: The Business Owner's Guide' expressly for your situation. As a small business owner, you understand how critical Sales is to your business' survival and success. You also realize that the salesperson is the most important employee you will ever hire. So how do you go about selecting the right person? What kind of training should you provide to ensure that your salesperson transmits your energy and speaks with your voice? How will you motivate this most crucial employee?

In easy, effective language, 'Managing Salespeople' provides you with the toolkit you need to create, manage and grow your sales team. The author walks you through personally-tested techniques on how to hire and train, and manage and motivate, your salespeople. He also teaches you to effectively harness the power of telemarketing.

Philip Gerber has walked precisely this walk and talked this talk for over forty years. His company, Bottom Line Consultants, has trained salespeople and sales managers for almost two decades. In this book, he condenses his hands-on experience into easy-to-absorb-and-implement lessons that you can immediately use to power your own small business and lead it to healthy, sustainable growth.