Great Wolf Lodge 2011 Travel Guide


By Harmony Stalter

Publisher : Media Works Publishing

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Harmony Stalter
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This book is a comprehensive travel guide to the Great Wolf Lodge which is North America's largest family of hotel and indoor water park resorts. It is the ultimate destination for your a family getaway with attractions for every age. The water parks offer an amazing guest experience in a one-of-a-kind, rustically elegant setting.

With 12 locations comprising of fully-themed resort suites, each location includes a gigantic indoor water park, where it's always 84 degrees inside even when there is snow on the ground outside. That's not all!. Besides the water parks, don't miss our themed restaurants, interactive arcades, full service spas for adults and kids, fitness centers, and so much more including Magiquest at most location.

Your family splashes the day away in the water park, enjoys a delicious family meal in our restaurant, or enjoys our nightly story time before bed. This book covers not only what's inside of each Great Wolf location but the local area attractions around each location and the places around the hotel to eat and save money.

The author fully explains how many of attractions are unique and explains each location in detail with many pictures, tips, and recommendations. This is guide is a must for anyone planning to visit the Great Wolf Lodge.
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This review is from: Great Wolf Lodge 2011 Travel Guide - Kindle Bestseller (Kindle Edition)
I am a frequent visitor to the Great Wolf Lodge and have been there numerous times. Now that my son is three we are getting ready to take another trip to there and I was hoping this book would help us plan our trip. Overall it is a great resource for GWL travelers.

The book starts with a short chapter on the things that are new for 2010 including MagiQuest. There are great tips on how to save both time and money to make the most of your trip. They also talk about local attractions, inside restaurants and outside, etc.

After these first couple chapters the following chapters focus on each of the 12 locations and what is at each and gives tips and instructions for each park. It also explains the most efficient way to all the major attractions in the park and at the lodge if you have limited time. Following all this awesome information are page long (on average) sections describing each individual attraction. On these pages you get a little history about the attraction, a description of it, fun facts about it, and things like that.

I like how it categorises the different attractions for toddlers, pre-teen, teenagers, and adults. All in all I was very impressed with the amount of interesting and useful information this book. The only weak points were a lack of information for special diets (it's there but very very brief)which I have and a lack of itineraries. Other than that I thought this was a superb guide.