A Locked Heart

Young Adult, Romance

By Jordan Nichols

Publisher : www.lulu.com

A Locked Heart

ABOUT Jordan Nichols

Jordan Nichols
I am 16 years old and i have been writing seriously for almost 4 years now. I have two books currently on the market and three currently on the way. Though i am pretty young to be taken seriously in the general public my writing shows that of a much more mature mind. I wish to have people  More...



This story follows a girl with a rough childhood who thinks theres no point in being anything more than a loner. When she meets someone who tries to show her there is much more than that to life she starts to open up and show emotions she has close off for years. She takes an interest in writing and starts to follow herself in her words. Wen she meets an old find of her new soul mate's she realizes just why shes kept herself to herself. Eventually he finally seems harmless but will that last. With an ending sure to keep you wanting more i find my first novel to be a great accomplishment.

There really is no story behind this book i just wanted to write a couple of touching paragraphs and it turned into a chapter. Then i wanted to publish a book but didn't exactly have a book. When i had a few random ideas that were jotted down overtime i found ways to incorporate them into a story and boom! A book.