Classics, Poetry, Romance

By Michael Stuckey Jr

Publisher : Publishamerica

ABOUT Michael Stuckey Jr

Michael Stuckey Jr
As a Child, Michael Stuckey Jr. began writing Emotionally Torturous Writing's & Poetry. Written areas of expertise include: Act of Torture, Pain,Romance, Deceit , Love, Deception and Social Anarchy. to this day, Michael has partaken & Indulged within the Pleasures, In the Pain and More...



Dolor is a Poetry book expressing the Pain of Deception in Romance. this poetry book is Unedited.

This Poetry book was written during the end of the strangest eye opening 5 n' 1/2 yr. relationship. this Poetry book ( Dolor ) is dedicated to her, She pushed me, to submit for publication & now I not only have this poetry book titled: Dolor, published. I also have a 2nd. pending release title: Truculent & a 3rd. I recently submitted titled: Adjy . I am currently Writing a 4th. Poetry book currently known as Befall & a Sadistic Horror Novel titled: Eluded Confession.