Not Only Horses

Family & Relationships, Romance

By Patricia Mackie

Publisher : Boudoir Press

ABOUT Patricia Mackie

Patricia Mackie



A steamy ‘romp in the hay’, literally speaking, “Not Only Horses” centres around a young lady who combines her love of horses with the more adult pleasures of life.

Kate lives in London during the week where she holds down a responsible job as an accountant; her salary from which being sufficient to allow her to buy a small cottage in Norfolk where she spends the weekends with her horse, Wren.   Although always aware of the fact that she was an adopted child, it is not until after her adoptive parents are killed in a car crash that she sets out to find her birth mother.

This is the story of her search, together with her life as a member of the local riding club where, in her late teens, she is introduced to sex by her riding instructor. From thenceforth her appetite becomes insatiable and she finds herself unable to resist any chance of enjoying sexual experiences wherever and whenever she can, and which prove to be many and varied.