A Financial History of the United States

History, Business, Money & Investing

By Catherine Jaime

Publisher : Creative Learning Connection

ABOUT Catherine Jaime

Catherine Jaime
Homeschool Mom of 12, Teacher, Historian, and Author.  


An annotated timeline of the financial history of the United States with a generous amount of footnotes: financial expressions, people, events, and terms are all explained.

Whether you're trying to figure out how we got in the shape we're in; what effect the stimulus bills had, or whether we were really heading to another Great Depression...This book will help you out.

Warning: This book is written by a fiscal conservative, and it clearly shows! 

Teaching a High School Economics class as the recession started, I felt obligated to understand what was going on: with the housing crisis, with TARP, with the stimulus bills....My search for understanding led to a massive study of the financial history of this country.