Scrappy Women in Business: Living Proof that Bending the Rules Isn't Breaking the Law

Business, Money & Investing

By Kimberly Wiefling

Publisher : Happy About

ABOUT Kimberly Wiefling

Kimberly Wiefling
Kimberly Wiefling, Executive Editor of the Scrappy About Series, is a proven expert in enabling people to achieve what seems impossible, but is merely difficult. She is the author of one of the top project management books in the US,"Scrappy Project Management: The 12 Predictable and  More...


Although some people make it look easy, the reality is that the path to success is often convoluted and messy. It's tempting to believe that the professionals surrounding us somehow have their act completely together while we lurch fitfully onward, but the real story is often much more complicated and chaotic. This refreshingly honest book provides welcome reassurance for every businesswoman who's ever wondered, "Is it me, or has the whole rest of the company gone nuts?!" Each chapter is a fascinating description of one woman's unlikely journey, and every story is teeming with personal insights and practical tips to encourage you along the way toward your own goals and dreams.

The human side of each achiever comes alive as she shares her challenges, choices and achievements in a "just between us" tone that educates as it entertains.

If you've ever had "one of those days" where your co-workers seemed to grow horns or you were tempted to sink into the icy couch of despair--you are not alone! Once in a while we need to take a well-deserved break. Reading even just one chapter from 'Scrappy Business Women' will refresh your spirit and invigorate you for the next sprint.

If you're a seasoned professional, you'll see your own journey reflected in those of these women. And if you're just starting out on your professional journey, the wisdom in this guide will save you a whole lot of time and aggravation!

Share your own story at the ScrappyWomen.Biz website, which grew out of this 'gal pal' project. Your story, and those of enterprising, determined women like you, will help this collection grow from a trickle of wisdom into a fountain of inspiration from which millions of women will drink, and ultimately a platform from which they gain the courage to leap boldly into their own futures. Please visit and add your story to ours so that, drop by drop, we grow this tiny stream into an ocean of wisdom. Stay Scrappy!

"This is an excellent collection of stories about courageous business women who have broken barriers to achieve their goals! Each of these talented, and creative women are an inspiration to us all. Everyone can relate to their struggles, their ambitions and to the many insightful, real-life stories. Most of all, the book made me laugh - there are many truly hilarious passages. It is a great read and I would highly recommend it to anyone who aspires to beat the odds and pursue their dreams. If you are not "scrappy" already, this is the book that will inspire you to be so!"  Devlin (Amazon book review)

"You've heard of the theory of "Six Degrees of Separation?" In Silicon Valley I haven't yet been able to make it more than three degrees before people are connected to Kimberly Wiefling. Everyone has a story to tell about Kimberley. Everyone who's been in her sphere of influence."
Sandra A. Clark, Director of Communications, UCSC Extension in Silicon Valley.

"Ever have a day when everything goes wrong and you feel lost, defeated, and ready to quit? Well that is when you need to pick up this book and read a chapter. It will energize you with stories of women who faced tough challenges, and beat the odds on their road to success. These stories will save your sanity, keep you afloat and inspire you to pursue your dreams. Keep it handy when you need an energy boost!"
Mala Devlin, Author of The Software Soul.