Competing for Global Dominance:Survival in a Changing World

Business, Money & Investing

By Jack Katz

Publisher : Super Star Press

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Jack Katz



'Competing for Global Dominance' sets the stage for a new paradigm required for growth of the globalized market in the 21st century and outlines the issues that entrepreneurs and businesses will face as they compete for survival in a world marketplace no longer hindered by time and distance.

As the Silicon Valley success model moves into its adolescence and transforms its methodology more into using social and business networking as demonstrated on web sites of Facebook, YouTube, LinkIn, LinkSV, Twitter, Ecademy where groups of individuals and businesses from around the world can meet, communicate and collaborate together to expand their influence and market share by developing new ways of doing business. But before this can be effectively accomplished, a new approach needs to be established for how to compete, grow and survive in this new globalized environment. Many governments, educational and private organizations have tried to duplicate the success of Silicon Valley with limited degrees of success, most without really understanding the new dynamics of global competition and how to enter new markets.

This book shows the thought leadership from a practitioners viewpoint who works with entrepreneurs and companies from around the world to position them for survival and expansion in the new world of globalization.

“Here is all you need to know about winning the battle for opening up new markets in the age of globalization.”
Frank Kaiser, Head of country desks: India, Japan and Korea, Düsseldorf Chamber of Industry and Commerce, Germany

"This critical assessment of international business practices unlocks the paradigms of our global economy and the significance for global partnerships to succeed in our ever changing twenty-first century economy."
Tony Marienthal, Chairman European Union ISDN User Forum Users Workshop, Official Auditor European Union Research in Advanced Communications for Europe, European Union Negotiator General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT) Uruguay Round /Maastricht Treaty

You aren't just competing with your neighbors selling a goods or service any more, you're competing with the entire world. "Competing for Global Dominance: Survival in a Changing World" is a book discussing business at the highest levels, where one comes onto the international stage in an international market in today's world that is smaller than ever. Why business is the same as it always been, the global market, the unique standard of the United States, Emerging super powers, and more chapters on important topics, "Competing for Global Dominance" is a powerful and thoughtful resource for entrepreneurs on the global stage. ~Midwest Book Review