T'on Ma


By Magnolia Belle

Publisher : Black Wolf Books

ABOUT Magnolia Belle

Magnolia Belle
I'm a Texas author who writes about Texas romance, adventure and history, past and present.  Native Americans figure heavily into my novels.  I've also expanded my historical novels to include medieval England and Scotland


T'on Ma (first book in the T’on Ma series) is set in Texas during the 1850s, when Lana Cooper meets Two Hawks, a young Kiowa warrior, who gives her the name T'on Ma, Kiowa for Water Woman. Lt. Liam O'Connell is a West Point graduate assigned to Ft. Worth. On a scouting mission, he meets the Cooper family. One look at Lana and he knows that he must pursue her. Through adventure, captivity, betrayal, marriage, and death, these three lives intertwine as Lana tries to find her way between two men who she loves. Her choices cost them all.

Excerpts:  http://www.blackwolfbooks.com/articles/T-on-Ma.html

It is after the Mexican-American War (1846-1848). Set in Texas. It is the love story of Lana Cooper and Two Hawks, a young Kiowa warrior.

What I really like about the book is that the then social custom, cultures are carefully woven within the fabric of the story. The author finds a way to subtly inform the reader about the socio-economic-political sentiments between the different Native American tribes and the early European settlers.

Magnolia Belle also brilliantly portrays and raises our awareness as to how similar and better Kiowa social structure is compared to that of the early European settlers like Lt. Liam O'Connell's family. Lana Cooper mentions "...unlike my mother, Kiowa wives own their own homes and property....that's how the power is balanced out." The author also informs us that "even woman who had been rescued from capture found re-entry into society difficult because of the prejudice of the time." Readers also learn, as Lana rationalizes, that "one sold slaves in Mexico and other in the eastern seaboard. Both did it for commerce." Lana concludes in regards to widows that "at least Kiowa solution showed compassion."

What is even more enjoyable is that the book is so easy to read. The plot twists and turns, therefore will hold the readers attention to the end.

I was given this book to review and I am glad I read it because I am much more informed about the then society and culture.

5 Stars