ABOUT Fiordaliza Charles

Fiordaliza Charles
Fiordaliza Charles is a mother, devoted to her family and she began writing poetry since the age of eight when she wrote "I can't speak your language" due to her classmates teasing her about her inability to speak the English. She decided that very moment that poetry will serve a More...



Fiordaliza Charles was born in the Dominican Republic in 1979. She was raised in New York City by her mother, Julia, who raised her all by herself and never complained. She came to the USA with no knowledge of the English language. At an early age, she had no choice but to try to understand her world, and because Spanish was her first language, she started out in all-bilingual classes. Fiordaliza has encountered many bad life events, but she has managed to escape from the harsh reality of those bad events by writing the poems in this book. Fiordaliza has been writing poetry since the age of 12, and she has chosen her favorite poems with the hope that someone else can relate to her poems and that you, the reader, enjoy every line she has written.