Master of My Universe: How to get what you want and live your dream

Self-Help and Personal Development

By Alice ElliottBrown

Publisher : River Landing Press

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Alice ElliottBrown
Author of books about health, sustainability, local food, life management, happiness, self esteem. Tools for Living out loud.



Master of My Universe takes you on a journey of inner reflection to find The Real You.  TRY, for short.  TRY is the person you were when you were 11 years old.  TRY held the dreams of your youth, and guarded the aspirations of your soul.  But in the course of life, we sometimes banish our TRY to the basement, locking up our potential.  This book teaches us, through personal exercises and inner searching, to dream, believe, create, deal with the universe, and reward ourselves into self-fulfillment.

This is the book that introduces EdnaTalk, the conversation with your inner mind.

Interview with the Author, Alice Elliott Brown Why did you write this book? This is that book that builds up the pressure inside you begging to get out. I feel like I didn't so much write this book, as I released it from its cage. It was inside me banging on my ribs demanding to erupt through the birth canal. So this book is its own life form, in a sense? Certainly from my perspective, it has its own message. I didn't actually know what it said until I read it. Then, I was pretty impressed and awed. Especially in the end, when the inner mind aspects revealed how they speak. But that would be the spoiler. I can't talk about that here. What do you hope people will get from your book? Beyond entertainment, a moment of fantasy, and a good read? I hope people will get to know themselves and learn to hear themselves think. Too often, in our society, we distract ourselves with the thoughts of others. We forget to pay attention to our own thoughts and ideas. This book helps people realize and remember who they are, and understand what they already know.

Review by  Sharon Young.  I had reached a point in my life where I had put aside my dreams, my goals and aspirations. Single again and in my mid-fifties I was going through the motions of a type-A career, worried each day I would be one of the millions of Americans laid off from their jobs. I had survived a major flood and lost many of my prized possessions. Within a decade 5 people close to me had passed away. At night I came home and stared at the television, the passionate young woman I once was...lost... somewhere inside me.

It was then - through a twist of fate - the book "Master of My Universe" ended up in my hands, and it pretty much changed my life. This is not another "ho-hum" self-help book. It is a life management guide on how to be purposeful and active in your own choices - instead of maintaining a "victim" mentality. This is a guide for everyone who once had dreams and lost them. It is a journey to rediscovery through the halting of negative self-talk, replaced with self-reflection, then action by working through simple (yet eye-opening) assignments at the end of each chapter.

Author Alice Elliot Brown helps us to understand the basic principles which guide the universe: Dream. Believe. Create. Deal. Reward. "First you dream. Second you believe your dream will happen. Third, you release all your creative energy into it; fourth, you nurture your seeds; and fifth, you make a deal with the universe," Brown writes.She keeps the reader's interest by creating lively conversations with characters that represent parts of ourselves. Brown's humor, wit and imagination had me laughing out loud as she takes us on trips to "Fantasyland," which we soon discover is more truth than fantasy, and the place where we can find our lost dreams and connect with our destiny. All our choices are contained in the role we play on our world's stage.

I was most intriqued with the way she combines science and religious beliefs. She is a software executive with a degree in electrical engineering and a Harvard MBA. Her insights into quantum physics and string theory helped me remove filters I had placed on my own perceptions. I learned to watch for and interact with coincidence and synchronicity. The same week I started reading the book I found a beloved item that had been lost for two years. I considered that an answer from the universe that I was traveling in the right direction!

Reading "Master of my Universe" I discovered my decision-making patterns, and created a new legacy statement for myself. In the past I let my marriage, my children, my job define who I was. This left me feeling I was unworthy to "be" something for myself. Be prepared for a surprise ending that still has my mind reeling with possibilities. It has to do with numbers, and an ancient code that was built into language. The author promises a software program is forthcoming that will allow readers to explore this new (but ancient) frontier.

The book doesn't end with a review of pat answers. is an interactive website that invites continued discussion and offers guidance on everything from starting your own business to budgeting, career planning, and sustainable lifestyles. I still have many questions as I explore my rekindled dreams and the author gives us a place to go to follow our path of discovery.

I don't feel alone anymore, I have hope and a spring in my step again. I'm up off the couch and moving in a new direction, so I feel lucky to have found this book, or maybe it found me.