Recognizing Unhealthy Relationships: Guide to Healthy Love & Self Discovery

ABOUT Meilena Hauslendale

Meilena Hauslendale
World-renowned Personal Development Author Meilena Hauslendale has been providing life guidance and insights for over 11 years. She began her career in writing by publishing self-help articles for various international magazines and support groups.   Meilena has published 6 books which  More...



If you ever were curious about why you have some of the relationships you have then this book is for you. Start by assessing your roles and involvements in relationships and then look at some of the people you establish yourself with. This book takes you through a series of chapters and journal exercises that will allow you to uncover your life patterns and establish healthier relationships as a result.
“The book Recognizing Unhealthy Relationships was a very honest guide on how to view our relationships with others. You actually had to do work on yourself, but it is something everyone should stop and take a close look at, themselves.” Robert, Golden, Colorado, USA