ABOUT Rev Paula J Behrens

Rev Paula J Behrens
Reverend Paula J Behrens is a Christian Author and pastor. She is a full membership Elder in the Texas Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church, Ordained in 2007.   She graduated from Houston Baptist University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Christianity and English and acquir More...


Inspirational messages designed to help us to see God in everyday life, including: Repairing relationships, Knowing God, Christian service, the Book of Revelation and Searching for Jesus. In this book the author also shares her journey from unbelief to belief in hopes that the reader might be blessed, as she has been blessed.

 “Reverend Behrens writes in an inspired and authoritative style as she applies poignant lessons gleaned from the Scriptures which speak to the human condition.  She speaks from personal experience as she writes of God’s ability to bring wholeness and restoration to a fragmented and hurting world.  Each message includes liberal doses of humor, strong biblical teaching, and a rare degree of transparency seldom exhibited by ordained clergy. These are the qualities which have endeared her to the congregation that she so lovingly serves. She weaves God's wisdom revealed in the lives of the characters found in the Bible with her own life lessons incurred as she first came to the personal discovery of God's presence.  You won't find a doctorial thesis on faith and religion in the contents of these books because she speaks from the heart on matters of the heart – a heart given over in love and service to her Creator.  From such a perspective comes a rare and insightful collection of messages that is sure to be a blessing for all who read it.  It has certainly already proven to be a great blessing to me.” – Eric Dehmer (Certified Lay Minister)