The Art of Finding Yourself, At Any Age

The Art of Finding Yourself, At Any Age

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Karen Sala
Karen Sala is an author and human relationship expert. 



Product Description

Challenge yourself to find you, in how you think, feel and are. Pulling at those deeper questions to find answers, is the key and the gift to experiencing the best possible you. How many ways, how many times, can you ask the same questions, and return yourself to the same mundane lifestyles and ways? Guide yourself towards the reason for your ways.

What people are saying about The Art of Finding Yourself, At Any Age

“Every page is filled with witty, insightful and sometimes humorous accounts of the shortcomings of the human being. It deals with our everyday mundane thoughts, beliefs and relationships in an easy to read manner. This guide is for anyone that seeks answers on why we keep doing the same insane and ridiculous foibles over and over again. I could not put it down.”
-Danny Andru, Freelance Columnist

“The author, Karen Sala, captivates you at the beginning of this book to the end. Making you realize that there is more to you then you then you even know. She challenges you to face the past and to conquer who you are as a human and mold you into a better person.”
–Jazzfeezy, Music Producer

“I had no problem finding myself in this book and still had time for a snack-it was an easy, great, wonderful read…Before reading this I didn’t understand me, now I understand me.”
-Maurie Sherman, Virgin Radio, Toronto

What's the bravest thing you can do in your entire life? Find yourself, know yourself and understanding yourself. If you don't believe it, try it. The Art of Finding Yourself, At Any Age