Lead Domination - 21 Proven Strategies For Effectively Generating Leads and Converting Leads into Sales

Business, Money & Investing

By Jamie Klein

Publisher : Lore Institute Publishing

Lead Domination - 21 Proven Strategies For Effectively Generating Leads and Converting Leads into Sales

ABOUT Jamie Klein

Jamie Klein
Jamie Klein has over 30 years experience in the sales and marketing real estate profession with a focus on Lead Management and Shared Ownership. This includes 20 years of operating his highly successful real estate company, DRRealty that now does business as the Lore Institute. He is the o More...



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SAN CLEMENTE, CALIFORNIA—The current economic crisis poses a whole new set of challenges for sales and marketing professionals. In today’s competitive market, every lead is a potential sale. So why then, when the bulk of a company’s marketing budget is spent on generating leads, are 80 percent of those leads not effectively pursued?

Jamie Klein’s Lead Domination: 21 Proven Strategies for Effectively Generating Leads and Converting Leads into Sales is an extremely timely book. Distilling more than thirty years of sales and marketing experience into essentially two books in one—covering sales and marketing extensively—Lead Domination provides a formula for success that works, presenting tested strategies Klein has used to manage leads and implement/optimize profitable operations in the real estate divisions of some of the world’s elite companies, including Marriott, Four Seasons, and Starwood.

Based on his success implementing sales and marketing operations on behalf of major luxury brands, Klein resolved not merely to perfect the strategies he had been using but also to share them with others. “My real excitement,” Klein writes, “comes from the fact that, by sharing with you my best practices on how to dominate in your lead performance, your sales and marketing enterprise will make a dramatic change for the better.” In his career, Klein has converted leads for companies into over a billion dollars of sales revenue.

Lead Domination consists of 21 chapters, one devoted to each of the proven strategies Klein has developed. Eleven chapters focus on vital marketing strategies designed to generate quality leads, two on innovation and execution, and eight more on sales strategies for converting leads into sales. Bristling with useful information, Lead Domination supplements its in-depth, no-nonsense discussions of key strategies with detailed charts, lively cartoons, and instructive case studies. Klein’s approach makes the book perfect for people with different styles of learning, including visual learners.

         Klein also develops an extended metaphor comparing the business world to the jungle. If that’s the case, then Lead Domination is a survival kit that allows readers not merely to brave the pitfalls and wild beasts of the marketplace but to survive and thrive. Since the jungle during this current economic crisis is that much fiercer, sales and marketing pros need help with best practices as never before. That’s why the release of this book could not have been better timed. Authoritative, comprehensive, and decidedly “on-topic,” Lead Domination is clearly one of the indispensable business books of 2009.