Paris Diaries: tips, impressions and dispelling of the common myths about the City of Lights and its inhabitants


By Maria K

Publisher : Maria K.


Maria K
My full name is Maria Igorevna Kuroshchepova and I am a Russian-Ukrainian immigrant who came to the United States as an impressionable 19-year old exchange student.

An engineer by education, an analyst by trade, as well as a writer, translator, photographer, artist and amate More...



Most Americans traveling to Paris tend to fall into one our of two groups. One group had watched "How to Steal a Million" and "The Devil Wears Prada" a few too many times and expects to be dropped off in the middle of Paris Ritz complete with designer luggage and wardrobe consisting exclusively of Givenchi and Chanel.

The other group is convinced that all French - and particularly Parisians - are arrogant, rude and just plain mean. The members of the second group travel to Paris with the sole purpose of proving that their assumption is correct. They bustle around complaining loudly about slow service, snooty store clerks and not enough people speaking English.

The author of "Paris Diaries" belongs to neither of the two groups. In fact, she hopes to convert those who do to her own approach: that of low-maintenance sophistication, good humor and unabashed love of romance, good wine and delicious French pastry.

What to pack? What to read? What to eat? Sit down with the dryly humorous and unfailingly amusing Maria K. to find out.
Pfoxmoor Publishing, "This is exactly what a travel book should be: intelligent, insightful, entertaining, and a wonderful resource for travelers desiring a more authentic experience than the usual pre-packaged offerings can provide. When (not if) I visit Paris, this guide will have pride of place in my carryon."

Bill Kirton, author, The Sparrow Conundrum "A very refreshing look at a wonderful city from a transatlantic perspective. (Mind you, it probably helped that it confirmed all my own feelings for the place.) Not being a shopper, I'll take Maria's word for the places to go, and her perceptions of what's on offer did seem very acute and accurate.

"Best of all, her advice about what to see, how to move around the city and what to expect from Parisians themselves helps to explode the myths and negative impressions that are peddled by people who have somehow let the magic pass them by, or perhaps who want their pleasures cling-film wrapped and customized.

"I hope it encourages more visitors from the USA to come over, let its joie de vivre and relaxation charm them and absorb the romance of just wandering its boulevards."

John Booth, author, Wizards, "This is an excellent and amusing read on what the non-western european should do when visiting Paris. Aimed at the American reader it contains excellent advice on where to go, what to see, how to treat the locals and how they'll find you.

"The observations are acute and witty, the advice on what to take clever. I can't say much about the fashion tips as that goes over my head. There are clothes that clash?

"A good read and if you are thinking of visiting France in the near future I think you should read it."