8 Strategies To Write A Winning Book Marketing Plan

If you are a talented writer and have recently composed a book you would like to advertise, then this article is for you. In it, we will explain how to craft a killer marketing plan hat will make your book popular in less than no time. So, if you need the professional opinion on how to make your book known, then follow these steps and enjoy the great results.

8 steps to creating a great marketing plan for your book

1.Start it all ahead of time

We hope that you realize that the marketing success does not come overnight. It takes time, constant adjustments, and focusing on the details.
We recommend you grabbing readers’ attention and making them interested in your book ahead of time. Let them absorb the ideas you want them to grasp. Let them know about the upcoming book release. Send out emails which will keep them updated about the current developments regarding the book.
Also, remember to ask people to give you feedback on what you are going to write about.

2.Set clear goals

Without further ado, let’s focus on what you are to do as a writer in the nearest future. What market do you want to dominate? What do you want to have accomplished by the end of the year? Do you want to write more books in this series?
You should sit down and try to figure out what your primary goals are. Do not rush into the actual process of writing unless you realize the purposes set before you.
However, do not only think about long-term plans here. You should set small goals too. They will help you keep moving and achieve more on your way to the ultimate goal of your writing career. All in all, take the time to define the plans for your writing.

3.Create a website for your book

You should start with making your book known and official with the help of the website. Make it possible for your readers to purchase the book online as well as add all the valuable information about the book to the site. By doing so, you will create awareness around the book, and that is exactly what you need.

Add a special section to the website where people can read the testimonials of the first readers. It can increase the reputation of the book significantly, especially if the testimonial is done by someone famous.

And finally, make the subscription to your news on the website easy. This way you can increase the email list in no time. This is especially the case if you offer readers something in return for their emails. For instance, you can send them a small part of your book on business writing in case they subscribe to your news. Strive to get more subscriptions.

4.Gain presence on the social media

Social media are where the people are today. They spend hours checking their friends’ news feeds or searching for the latest news. That is why, to gain a broader audience, you should be where the people are.

Create a page as a public person, and add quality content including the latest updates about your book or upcoming events like presentations and workshops. Being on the social networks is a key to getting more people to learn about the book you published. Do not underestimate the power this tool has.

5.Create a video about your book

It should be rather short and descriptive, but as you can see from your own experience, books which had a video filmed about them sell better.
People like visuals, which allow them to get valuable information with fewer efforts invested in the process. Thus, by making a trailer, you can become known to a broader audience.
In this video, you should mention what this book is about and why the customer should get it right away. To make a powerful video, you will have to study your audience very well, to see what drives them, what their preferences are, as well as what factors can motivate them to invest in your product. So, take your time here too and use the assistance of the professionals whenever possible.

6.Participate in different events

You should demonstrate that you are available to take part in various conferences the topic of which is relevant to the primary focus of your book. Also, offer your help in composing good guest posts for the blogs with a large number of regular visitors. By doing it, you can attract more people to your own website. So, do not miss such a chance.
Meanwhile, become a speaker at different events. Whenever you get a chance to speak at some events, go for it as long as it is beneficial to your book. So, be open to new opportunities.

7.Set a fair price

You should study the market here and find out what price is reasonable for your work. You do not want it to be too high, as you might not sell it, especially if you are new to the area. Besides, you do not want to set it at a low level as you will not be motivated to keep up the good work. On top of that, readers might consider that the content is not worth a read if you do not charge enough money for it. So, see what other writers charge for books of such type, and set a price which is good for you and reasonable for your readers as well.

8.Be ready to invest in the advertising

If you want your book to sell, you should be ready to pay the money for its advertising first. Depending on the target audience, you can invest money in the AdWords or video ads on YouTube. We recommend you seeking professional help at this stage, as professionals know better what to invest into to get better sales.

Excellent writing skills are not enough to make your book sell in less than no time. You should also have a good plan. So, use our practical tips and go step by step through them on the way to making your book known and loved.

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