Exposed: A Novel

Exposed: A Novel

ABOUT Ashley Weis

Ashley Weis
Ashley Weis is a wife and mom of three under four. She and her husband, George, recently endured the effects pornography had on their marriage. Now, on the other side, Ashley hopes to bring encouragement to women going through the same thing.



Allyson Graham, marriage counselor and lover of love, lived a life of romance few could imagine. Until her husband's secret addiction stared at her from the computer screen. Will she be able to forgive the man who lied to her all of those precious years?

Follow her painful story alongside the heartbreaking story of Taylor Adams, a young girl searching for her worth in the world. As Allyson struggles to forgive her husband for lying about his addiction, Taylor naively falls into the same self-destructive industry and discovers that the attention and fun is nothing like she thought it would be.

Discover the hearts of these two women as they search for beauty after the rain.