Jonathan Stone and the Kingdom

Christian Books

By Alan Duprey

Publisher : crossway books

ABOUT Alan Duprey

Alan Duprey


Jonathan Stone’s life is over—literally. He passed from his
body and moved on to Heaven. What do you suppose Heaven
looks or feels like? Jonathan’s mind can barely comprehend all that
is happening around him, but it’s so much more than angels with
harps and saints sitting on clouds. In Heaven, he has an unhindered
relationship with the ones he loves and the Lord himself, his great

Jonathan Stone tried to live a devout Christian life on earth. He has
arrived in Heaven, where he has a chance to discuss Jesus’ second
coming. He meets the martyrs who died for their Lord. He even
watches as Moses and the apostle Paul speak before the great
assembly. On a personal level, Jonathan has the chance to finally
ask God the simple question, “Why?”

Why did you allow me go through those terrible times, Lord? Why
did you make me feel such loneliness and pain? Why did you take so
long in answering my prayers? On Earth, it is not always easy to see
the plans God has laid out for us. Even so, He is all-knowing and
ever wise; He is to be trusted, because He is always right. In Heaven,
Jonathan gets his questions answered and sees the light. He has no
fear; he has no doubt. He is at home with his Savior, and we can all
look forward to the day when we walk the same streets of Gold in
unbroken fellowship with the Lord.

Dear Mr. Duprey,

My cousin Susan Wright met you and said she got a copy of your book, Jonathan Stone and the Kingdom.   She sent me a copy for my opinion.  At first, I must admit, I was skeptical because it was a book about heaven.  But after reading the first chapter, I was amazed.  It was a little like reading the Bible in 3D.  You used scripture and brought it to life.  You made it seem very personalized and made me mesmerized all the way through.
I’ve been a born again Christian for 40 years, but your book brought back to me so many mistakes I’ve made over the years and how casual I sometimes get about knowing Jesus.  It is not a casual thing.  It is our whole life.
Your book is a breath of fresh air and God knew who to give the job to write it.  It blessed me a lot, and I just wanted to let you know.

Many blessings to you, your family and church.  Thank you.
Ms. Lee Sinclair