Lead Me Not Into Temptation; I Can Find It Myself: Grandma Goes Online

ABOUT K.C. Konrad ( Miriam Kalb)

K.C. Konrad ( Miriam Kalb)
K. C. Konrad is my pen name. I am an author and a publisher. My book is available on Amazon/Kindle as well as Kobo and Google Play and online at Mcnally Robinson in paperback. Title is: Lead Me Not Into Temptation; I Can Find It Myself: Grandma Goes Online written by K. C,. Konrad. I have  More...



This humorous and poignant human interest story is about an internet-savvy grandmother who ventures into the online dating world. Follow her journey as she meets several single seniors and also experiences virtual contact with a few younger men. The sand in the hour glass may be slipping away, but paradoxically, her life is gearing up rather than winding down.

To find oneself alone in the sunset years for whatever reason, puts male or female in the same boat--- getting on, but not dead yet. In this situation, some welcome the opportunity to be on their own; others feel the need of companionship, but are left high and dry having few options for meeting potential partners. However, nowadays, there is the online dating world. Suspicion and disdain that has often been associated with this venue is beginning to evaporate. In the twenty-first century, placing an ad for the perfect partner is on the cusp of becoming a widespread singles’ phenomenon although it is not without its pitfalls Nevertheless, young people these days, take to it like a duck to water. Using the web to find what they need is second nature. Plane tickets, books, eBay items and household goods among other things are obtained online; why not dates? The concept is a little more difficult for an older person, but not impossible for computer savvy, senior singles. Why should the young have all the fun? The pursuit of happiness is a universal phenomenon. Grandma discovers that it is never too late to play the relating game.

"I finished your book in three sittings. It's fabulous and totally mesmerizing." Freda

"I thoroughly enjoyed it (couldn't put it down); the book is thought provoking, humorous,caring, challenging and a "must read". Thanks so much for writing it" Luanne
"Whether you are familiar with online dating or not, you will be surprised and amused at the length a determined lady will go through to find romance. It seems that age is no impediment and may in truth add to the mystique as Kayla embarks on her "quest" for the right partner. Who knew that ladies in their seventies could be so sexy?" Jules