The Other Woman

The Other Woman

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In his book, The Other Woman, Dr. Godwin Ude, President of Kingdom Acts Foundation, President of Transformation Centre, and certified marriage counselor, offers some serious insight to the troubles that arise within a marriage but often go undetected because of their seemingly innocent nature. Within this book, Dr. Ude addresses one marital issue after the next and offers readers direction and counsel on what to do once they have pinpointed a serious problem within their marriage. The foundation of his work rests on the fact that, although we often think of infidelity when we hear the word 'affair' more and more men are letting distractions other than a mistress come between them and their wives. In order to overcome these 'other women' that may be working to destroy your marriage, it is vital that you recognize the signs and act appropriately once the source of the marital discord has been discovered. Dr. Ude's work is a handbook to help every woman who is fighting for her marriage figure out how she has the power to win the battle. There is no reason for so many marriages to end in divorce and it is the author's hope that this book will save many a marriage that might be carelessly thrown away because of simple miscommunication and unresolved issues.