Nothing But A Miracle (Life's Outtakes - Year 4) 52 Humorous and Inspirational Short Stories

ABOUT Daris Howard

Daris Howard
    Daris Howard, an award winning author and playwright, grew up on an Idaho farm.  He was a state champion athlete, competed in college athletics, and lived for a time in New York.   
    He has worked as a cowboy, a mechanic, in farming, and in the timber industry.  He i More...


52 Humorous And Inspirational Short Stories! - Life’s Outtakes Volume 4

From the inspiration of a Christmas miracle in Nothing But A Miracle to the humor of A Journal Of A Gardener At Harvest Time, these 52 humorous and inspirational short stories (one for each week of the year) will make you laugh, reminisce, and contemplate the relationships you cherish most. Stories include:

  1. Trying To Outsmart The Corn Bandits
  2. Journal Of A Gardner At Harvest Time
  3. To Catch A Raccoon
  4. To Catch A Cheater
  5. Who Is A Real Hero
  6. The Unknown Student
  7. Disappearing Lids And Box Tops
  8. Halloween Haunts
  9. Old Clunker
  10. A Rose And A Letter
  11. A Not-So-Friendly Rivalry
  12. Thankfulness For Freedoms We Take For Granted
  13. Standing Up Against Injustices
  14. Tatiana’s Escape
  15. The Cost Of Doing The Right Thing
  16. Nothing Less Than A Miracle
  17. Y2K Problems, Looking Back A Decade Later
  18. What Students Communicate
  19. A Shocking Experience
  20. A Shocking Practical Joke Gone Awry
  21. Computer Systems And Grade Petitions
  22. Thermostats, Heaters, And Air Conditioners
  23. Those Awkward Junior High Years
  24. Boy Scouts, Snow Caves, And Tom Sawyer
  25. Winter Camp Survival
  26. What Really Makes A Champion
  27. An Exciting First Child
  28. A Very Precocious Child
  29. The Love of A Determined Child
  30. No Greater Love
  31. Cell Phone Secrets
  32. Life’s Lessons Learned A Little Bit Late
  33. Considerations Of Guardian Angels
  34. A Horse Named Cashmere
  35. Making A Friendly Horse Mean
  36. Like Mother, Like Daughter
  37. What It Takes To Have A Good Church Choir
  38. Joining The Church Choir
  39. Fraudulent Flowers
  40. A Ring Of Truth
  41. The Bestest Vacation Ever
  42. Father’s Day And Fishing Trips
  43. A Tale Of Two Sergeants (Leading From The Front)
  44. The Farm And Ranch Store
  45. A Really Important Can Sale
  46. Getting Children To Weed A Garden
  47. The Unique Daddy Daughter Date
  48. A Nice, Peaceful Neighborhood
  49. An Interesting Party
  50. How Much Is It Worth
  51. Playing The Part Of The Rented Boyfriend
  52. A Chicken Named Fluff