Secret Pains

ABOUT Claudine Hamilton

Claudine Hamilton
Claudine Hamilton has been the copastor of Holy Ground Tabernacle for the past nine years alongside her husband. She is responsible for the women’s ministry Sarah’s WOMB and has dedicated her life to counseling, encouraging, and equipping women to walk into their divine purpose with Ch More...


Josephine Lair knew what it was like to be rejected and abandoned and to fight her way to the top as a single mother. She defied the odds and became a successful lawyer, and life was more than she had ever dreamed. In the midst of a blooming career and finding love, Josephine is struck down with devastating news, and the past is at her heels, determined to shake the very foundation she built everything on. She blames God for all that is going wrong in her life and is determined to wipe Him clean from her life. Can she survive battling with God and all her other demons and risk losing everything, or will she find redemption before it is too late?