Street Angels - the amazing story from binge to better

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By Paul Blakey Mbe

Publisher : CNI Network

Street Angels - the amazing story from binge to better

ABOUT Paul Blakey Mbe

Paul Blakey Mbe
Paul Blakey MBE  - founder of Street Angels - CNI Network and has written and collated a book about this work.


'Street Angels - the amazing story from binge to better' e-book is available now!

Written and compiled by founder of Halifax Street Angels and CNI Network, Paul Blakey MBE, the book tells the amazing history of projects across the UK and Europe that are working in local communities and making the difference. 

You will read stories of changed lives and changed communities from Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales, England and Spain.

The book is available on:

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The amazing story of community transformation through Street Angels, Club Angels and similar projects.

What a wonderful book. It is well written and a very good example of how the Grace of God manifests itself in an environment where you'd normally think it wouldn't. I really enjoyed the testimonies from the people who received help from the Street Angels and really admire their dedication to the cause.

If you want to read about how 'ordinary' people who, because of their faith and good nature, make a big difference to the lives of others then I thoroughly recommend this.