Concerts of Communion Praying the Names of God

Concerts of Communion Praying the Names of God

ABOUT Sister Lara

Sister Lara
Online School of Prayer Learning Center "Happiness is Seeing Jesus in the Secret Place."



Here is a little bit about what is in the Book




  1. An easy to follow step by step Scripture reflection to follow along to create a place of “Receiving” more of who God is in the area of need in your life.  I literally spell out each step to make it easy for you.



2. A Leadership Guide to help you grow to lead others step by step in Communion and in the Names of God.  Step by step instructions.


3. A Leadership Handout to help you bring others into unity and agreement in Communion and in  Praying the names of God.



4. Communion Scriptures from the Lord’s Last Supper, with each Scripture Meditation to ponder.


5. Step by Step “Concert of Communion” for each section of Communion with creative ideas to make it interactive and reflective on the Body and Blood of Jesus for the individual, or group meeting. And More.

I have to say, “This was not my idea to write this book.”  After teaching people for a year at Online School of Prayer and selling my first book, “Secrets to Communion: Court Room Praying to be the best seller of the School for the year” I understood what people wanted.  I understood what people desired.  I understood what people were going through.


This Book is an answer to that, “Surrounding yourself with people who desire to go the same way you are going for your breakthrough and build relationships along the way in the Word of God.  Experiencing the presence of God in a fresh new way that is uplifting for anyone.”


It is truly, the best of the best there is out there on Communion: Praying the Names of God.  Don’t let the book cover fool you.  I spent over a year, seven nights a week: speaking to people, praying for people, laughing with people and sitting where they sit to hear their needs.  This book is 257 pages long and is designed to keep it simple for anyone to use, but to allow the person or group take it as far as they want to go.