The Rainbow Language: The Sight, Sound, & Color of the Holy Tongue.

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By David Mathews

Publisher : CreateSpace

ABOUT David Mathews

David Mathews
I have been a Pastor for 30 years. I have studied the Hebrew language for 18 years. I oversee an international ministry that teaches also via radio, internet and cable television. I am currently located in the Salem, OR. area.



~~For 2000 years the Creator’s language lay dormant; for all intents and purposes – a Dead Language, a by-word associated with the forlorn plight of a People without an identity. Miraculously, following the pattern of the death, burial and resurrection of the Messiah, this “Living Word” rises, made to live again, on the 3rd day, our day, to become the standard to which the People of the Book must return in order to seek out and identify their Deliverer! 
The eternal stage has been set as the conflict of the ages rises to a crescendo, culminating in the greatest assault against The Sovereign King and those in Covenant with Him, that the world has ever seen. It is by no means an accident that an awakening is occurring. The return to the Ancient Paths and an even more Ancient Tongue leading a People to their destiny – a confrontation with the Anti-Messiah!
The Apocalyptic weapons of this supernatural being, coupled with the intentional, mistranslated, prophetic declarations of a broken, annihilated, People, are about to be revisited as history records the restoration of this Ancient Pure language, its latent power in the hands of a Faithful Remnant, tipping the balance of Power! You are about to be introduced to the single, most powerful force in Creation – The Rainbow Language! ARISE O’ YAH AND LET YOUR ENEMIES BE SCATTERED!

The Rainbow Language is designed to pique the interests of those who are searching for the power resonating in the DNA-changing word of the Creator. In it you will find scriptural and extra-biblical confirmation that the "Pure Language" is in fact, being restored!