90 Things That Irritate The S**t Out Of Me...Or At Least Make Me Frown

ABOUT G. Eric Francis

G. Eric Francis
I was born and raised in NYC in the late 1960's.  As far back as 8 years old, I loved to write stories that would come to me anytime, anywhere, and I wanted to share them with anyone I could.  My dream was twofold; I either wanted to write movies, or make a living writing books.  I went More...



“I will say the language for me was a little too much but once I got past all of that I will say it's easy reading.”

“The sad thing is that the humor was diminished by the vulgar language.”

“Laugh out loud funny and downright poignant at others times, this is a good piece of work.”


The above are samples of reviews from my 4th book, “90 Things That Irritate The Sh** Out Of Me…Or At Least Make Me Frown.”

The thing is I don't have a problem with anything that was said.

When I wrote the book, I knew that a few people would just see the “colorful metaphors” while missing the entire point of the book.

But since I am a gambler when it comes to writing, I figured this book would find an audience; folks who are honest and candid with their thoughts and opinions. People who aren’t afraid to laugh at things, even if there aren’t meant for “proper company.” Ultimately, people who know sometimes life can be irritating, frustrating and cause your head to shake in disbelief, but you laugh anyway.

We all encounter things that take place in our everyday life that irritate the daylights out of us.

Rude people who cut you off on the highway.

Supermarket trips that make you want to consider kicking the person in front of you.

Yelling at your body for having the ability to create children.

Hell, even guys who you know just walked away from the bathroom without washing their hands.

These are the minor things.

But folks, we haven’t even touched the true ugliness (or irritants) of the human condition. From racism to war, men who mistreat women, to valuing one life less than the other, we will inflict harm on each other every second of the day.

We as so flawed sometimes I wonder how we haven’t caused our own extinction. I know that we will probably never change, which is a pity. So based on that fact, I figure that we have 2 choices.

We can continue to be cruel to one another (the most popular choice), or make a change in how we carry ourselves.

That is truly what “90 Things” is all about.

Written in short sections, "90 Things" is a tongue-in-cheek look at life and the things in it that drive us insane, yet we learn to deal with it. The book tackles a variety of subjects:

The controversial (racial tension and stereotypes) to the simply annoying (rude people in supermarkets);

The lack of good sense in smart people (why women let men keep hurting them) to pure greed (how the rich keeps getting richer off of the middle class, the inane status of American politics);

The joys (and mostly trials) of raising offspring (children and their evil ways) before finally taking an inside look at my own pet peeves that make me place my head in my hands in frustration.

So if you are one of those folks who laugh at things (even if you are perceived as “too old” to do so), I am willing to bet that “90 Things” is a book you will enjoy. It’ll make you laugh, cringe, think, and shake your head like I do the things that make us all, well, human.