Concerning the Nature of Man

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By John Allen

Publisher : iuniverse

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John Allen


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Concerning the Nature of Man investigates one of the most divisive issues mankind has ever faced – the doctrine of ‘imputing’ evil from parents to children. Stretching back into the mists of antiquity, the misunderstanding of this subject, loosely known as Calvinism, has caused dissension and bloodshed for centuries, with rivalry going far beyond the Christian religion itself.

Do children inherit the blame for their parents’ sin?

Does a Christian have a dual nature?

What do we mean by 'guilt'?

Are we born bad?

What are ‘generational curses’?

Does our nature compel us to commit certain actions?

Answering these and many other questions purely from the Bible, the author brings light and hope on this most misunderstood of all topics – the nature of man.

Concerning the Nature of Man was first written as a thesis when the author was a student at theological seminary, but the original document caused such a stir in the classroom that he later felt obliged to write up the events in an autobiographical novel just to set the record straight. Over the years, this book has drawn more correspondence than any other Allen has written, and continues to be an authoritative and candid best-seller on the subject.