Total Triumph

Christian Books

By Karl Maydell

Publisher : Outskirts Press

ABOUT Karl Maydell

Karl Maydell
I am an ordained reverend, retired. have a master in theology, and an honorable doctorate in Divinity. Am 73 years old, have within the last four years devoted my time to write Bible-Study-Commentaries, two of which have been published recently.



Most of it is written in Times New Roman, with actual Bible quotes in Italics, some important points are bold print, and in most cases underlined, to stress a point.

The book is layed out in a study type. It has an introduction on how the book is to be used, a history section, so that the prospective student gets an idea, under which conditions the apostles worked in order to put God's word into useful help. It contains 21 study periods ( eight in the first study, and 13 in the second study) An addenda has been added at the rear of the book, cross-referenced to the studies, it has several Bible verses explained in lengthy detail, finally the last section of the book contains discussion topic questions, which can be used by the moderator, or Bible-Study leader to insert at any time, or pose these questions to the students, as a sort of homework. each study period also has an exposition at the end of the study, which either can be used for a fast recap of the session, or as a lead-in for the next session.

It has been given a four star appraisal from Reader's Favorite review, and in their words, quote: " I like the way the author has written this commentary. the content is presented in a manner that laypersons will easily understand. Karl Maydell sites p[lenty of references. This would make a great individual or small group study.
It can be seen at: http://readersfavorite,com/cat-71.htm?review=2436