666 The Things Hereafter: A Revelation Study Guide

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By Steaven Snow

Publisher : LinAven Publications

ABOUT Steaven Snow

Steaven Snow
STEAVEN R. SNOW was born in Sikeston, Missouri, and later moved with his family to Cahokia, Illinois. He graduated high school from Cahokia Senior High in 1970, later attending Tennessee Temple College in Chattanooga, Tennessee, and the University of Missouri in St. Louis, Missouri. He is  More...


666 The Things Hereafter is a biblical study guide of the Book of Revelation designed for small study groups. It contains the entire AV text and a complete outline of the Book of Revelation. Teachers, preachers, and study group leaders will find it an excellent accessory for teaching this pertinent book of prophecy.

666 The Things Hereafter: A Revelation Study Guide began as a series of lectures presented at Perry County Baptist Church in response to teaching on the End Times. From that series of sermons came the Study Guide from which the book is taken. It was first printed in book format in 2003 and re-printed in 2009. It is from a biblicist point of view and can be very useful in the teaching of end time events.