Walking With God

Christian Books

By Lois Banks

Publisher : Uniquely Reading Publishing

ABOUT Lois Banks

Lois Banks
My name is Lois Michelle Banks and I'm a licensed practical nurse and owner of a Christian Publishing company called Uniquely Reading Publishing.  I have four children and I love encouraging people to trust in God.  I currently have an infomercial with the Black Shopping Channel and my i More...


Lois Banks reveals her personal walk with God and shares how God answers her prayers.  A lot of events were hidden inside of Lois's heart until the Spirit of God asked her to reveal her life experiences.

Walking With God was created to encourage humankind to trust in the creator of the universe. Each chapter of the book will reveal true events in Lois Banks life and will reveal the power and the love of God.

I received the best authors award from the Black Shopping Channel in West Palm Beach, Florida.  Mr. Cleveland Gary is the CEO of the company.