The Occult Invasion of Health Care

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By Michael Elmore

Publisher : Charisma Books

ABOUT Michael Elmore

Michael Elmore
I am a health care chaplain with many experiences with the alternative therapies addressed in my book "The Occult Invasion of Health Care: the Changing Face of Spirituality In Medicine"



This book is about the demise of Christianity in our health care system. It focuses on replacing traditional Jude-Christian Faith with Eastern religion and occult practices.

I worked as a health care chaplain and saw the replacement of Christian values and practice with Eastern religion and occult methods. Nurses, social workers, HHA's and other disciplines were being trained in toxic alternative therapies. I understood the spiritual danger to staff, patients and families. As a result I wrote this book to make Christians aware of the changing face of spirituality in medicine.

“The Occult Invasion of Health Care is a compelling guide to the hidden secrets of modern health care.  Michael Elmore knows his subject and it shows; an eye-opening, fascinating, and valuable work.”


Jill Martin Rische, Walter Martin Ministries



Michael does an amazing job unmasking the truth about the dangers behind "Alternative Medicine." What may seem to be natural and harmless "therapies" can in fact be toxic to your spiritual life. This great resource helped me understand that "Alternative Medicine" is not medicine at all; it is a collection of practices rooted in the occult, intended to "steal, kill and destroy" your spiritual life. Great job Michael!

Jacqueline Chirco Cogswell, D.O. 





Michael Elmore has provided the background and spiritual underpinnings of many alternative therapies.  This information  arms us Christians, especially those of us involved in healthcare, so that we are able to make Christ-following decisions in our own healthcare and what we provide to others.

Richard Hutchison, Ph.D. Clinical Psychologist