Wholesome Hopes, Becky's Prayers

Christian Books

By Karen Mallory

Publisher : Publish America

ABOUT Karen Mallory

Karen Mallory
Prayers are our connection between us and our Creator. And when we recieve an answer so vividly, a total essence glows with His love. 
This fictional story came to me in a matter of moments. It took over my mind until I could do nothing else but write it on paper. In one day I had t More...


This story takes you through the early years of a young girls life. See how she goes through separation, accusations, triumphs, loss and heartache. While you walk with Becky, you will come to find just how God brings others into our lives to help us through the difficult situations. In faith, trust, love and hope all things are possible through our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

Over seven years ago now, I prayed to God for a way to help my husband with our finances. The prayer included to do this from my home setting. Within a few months my life turned over an entire new leaf. It was a cold winters day and I had my home chores done. As I sat down to work on an afghan, the silence drew me to put in a cassette tape made for us by a dear friend. I began to work once more and within minutes, my mind rushed with this story. By the end of that day I had the first chapter written and a list of all the characters, with somewhat of an outline. I knew this was the answer to that prayer. I praise God for this gift and work in faith, trusting in His devine guidance to follow His will through fictional accounts in hopes of bringing all who read my books closer to God.

In my blog on my page at Premiere Writers you will find a file link to read all cards, letters and comments I have recieved so far.