Pathway To Destiny

Christian Books

By Marilyn Venvenutti

Publisher : Destiny Press

ABOUT Marilyn Venvenutti

Marilyn Venvenutti
I am a fashion & interior designer who has just written my newly released debut fiction novel entitled Pathway To Destiny.


Stella Mikens is a strong spiritual woman who overcame her share of tragedies in life after meeting a man by the name of Solomon Deal. Her whole life changed after he taught her principles to live by. Along with her 11 prayer warrior friends she dedicated her life to teach others how to overcome their many challenges in life. Nothing could prepare Stella for her new challenges when she adopted an abandoned little girl named Delilah. One day when Stella arrived home from an appointment she found her neighbor's 9 years old daughter, Naomi laying on her mother's living room floor crying. She had been molested by an unidentified man who got away before Stella arrived. Stella eventually adopted Naomi as well. After the girls discovered the truth about their past Naomi's life spiraled out control to drugs and emotional devastation. Through the power of prayer Stella is challenged to change the lives of everyone she came in contact with including the girls.