Anna's Shattered Faith

Christian Books

By Kendall Evans

Publisher : Astraea Press

ABOUT Kendall Evans

Kendall Evans
I am a romance writer who enjoys writing Christian romance, sweet romance, and occasionally, non-fiction.

Though I'm relatively new to this side of the publishing realm, I've been writing for years under another pseudonym. I've written everything from poetry to epic novels, b More...



The day Anna Hampton's husband, Zach, was killed is the day she lost her faith. Only her two children give her a reason to go on. Ranger Daniel Cochran represents everything Anna doesn't like. Not only is he a lawman, but he's a God-fearing man like Zach. His faith might work for him, but the only thing Anna saw it do was get her husband killed. She can't imagine she'll be forgiving God any time soon.

Daniel knew when he arrived in Strawberry Junction, Texas he was in for a battle. Taking the position as the town's sheriff is only a temporary assignment. His real reason for being in the small, close-knit community is to catch a killer...the same man who killed Sheriff Zach Hampton. What he hadn't figured on was the sheriff's angry widow getting in his way. Or the feelings she stirred in his heart.
"Inspirational romance? Check.
One of my favorite historical settings? Check.
Strong hero protecting his woman from danger? Check.

Old West historicals are like comfort food and if there was a recipe for writing my favorite type of story, this book had all the ingredients. It was impossible not to like it." ~Reviewed by Joy at Edgy Inspirational Fiction

Anna's Shattered Faith is the first book I've read in the Historical Sweets genre. I was thoroughly impressed. The imagery of the time and the way she portrayed both Anna and her new beau were amazing. I felt the pain for their past and fear of the future. A true must read and the best part is it's appropriate for a mother and daughter to share together. I look forward to seeing more from Kendall Evans. ~Reviewed by author Bri Clark.