Ever-Flowing Streams

Family & Relationships, Health, Mind & Body, Religion & Spirituality

By Dana Taylor

Publisher : Supernal Friends Publishing

ABOUT Dana Taylor

Dana Taylor
Dana Taylor writes uplifting stories filled with inspiration and humor. Born and raised in California, she graduated from the University of Redlands. She has been published in various magazines, including the Ladies Home Journal. She hosted the Internet radio program Definitely Dana! at He More...



“Ever-Flowing Streams” chronicles the author's journey through the seemingly disconnected avenues of Christianity, the Japanese healing system of Reiki, A Course in Miracles, and past-life therapy. While living a middle-class, conventional life, the author is drawn to the healing prayer wave of the 1980’s. Seeking a healthier life and answers to a recurring medical mystery, she goes beyond the boundaries of the church to study the emerging mind-body-spirit movements of the day. In 2005, an encounter with a Reiki therapist changes her life and challenges her belief system.  Ultimately, the book deals with the power of prayer and includes exercises for readers to explore their own healing possibilities.

I read somewhere if you can’t find the sort of book you’re searching for, write it yourself. I suppose that’s what I’ve done. Twenty-five years ago "The Healing Light" by Agnes Sanford changed my life. As a Christian wife and mother, Mrs. Sanford explored healing prayer in a manner that broke through the conventions of the middle of the twentieth century, yet she remained true to her faith. "Ever-Flowing Streams" uses my experiences to illustrate the lessons I’ve learned about healing through the years. The term Ever-Flowing Streams popped out at me as I thumbed through the Bible trying to come up with an image for the healing energies that pour through the cosmos. The modern connotation of “streaming” in cyberspace seemed a fitting metaphor for unseen frequencies of energy. It ties in the ancient image of life-giving streams of water with today’s life-giving vibrations of Reiki and other energy-healing modalities. Many Christians may question the “purity” of my faith as they read about the avenues I’ve explored and some of the startling events that have unfolded. I hope people will read it with an open mind and heart. My greatest desire for "Ever-Flowing Streams" is that it will serve as an inspiration for others to discover their own healing capabilities. "Ever-Flowing Streams" is one woman’s story, but everybody’s possibility.

Like her mentor Agnes Sanford, Dana Taylor’s spiritual memoir Ever Flowing Streams is breaking through twenty-first century conventions. Dana Taylor’s healing journey blends New Age healing modalities like Reiki, vibrational healing and past life therapy with her Christian faith. Ever Flowing Streams reveals how to tap into limitless healing energy streams flowing from the Universal Energy Field that’s available to everyone.

I found inspiring insights and practical how-to’s that help heal the mind, body and spirit. Ever Flowing Streams includes step-by-step prayer and energy healing guides such as ‘Heal Thyself”, “Energy Work”, “Feel the Stream”, “Energy Exercise”, “Forgiveness Meditation” and “Distance Healing Meditation”. Ever Flowing Streams is dedicated to helping others discover their innate healing abilities. 

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