Book Review: ‘Get Published Today’ by Penny Sansevieri

For too long, the publishing industry has been a mysterious, clubby, closed business. Authors have had to struggle with a number of unanswered questions. Questions like, “What makes a best-seller?”, “What is a Co-op?” or “What are Reserves against returns?” In her book, ‘Get Published Today’, Penny Sansevieri answers such questions and more. The sub-title […]

Ten Reasons Your Book Should Be an E-Book, Too

Expert: Carolyn Howard-Johnson I like to think of myself as a writer of fiction and a poet. So I had a tendency to resist the e-book landslide when it first came tumbling around the ears of creative writers. But then—thankfully—my past retail experience took hold. (See my how-to books for retailers at I realized […]

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