Announcing the New BookBuzzr Flipper

The new BookBuzzr Flipper has just been released.

The video below gives you a quick tour …

The following are the key features of this new release:

1. Retain your visitors on your site: The full screen view opens on your blog or website itself. The earlier version would open up a new tab or window with the new link leading to

2. Customize the size of the flipper: Make it small and fit it on the side bar of your blog or make it big and use it as a stand-alone website for your book!

3. Multiple colors: We have multiple colors for the flipper in order to complement your book and website / blog.

The table below provides a comparison between the BookBuzzr Flipper, Issuu and Amazon.

BookBuzzr Flipper Issuu Amazon Look Inside
Flips pages like a real book Yes Yes No
Can be embedded on your blog and website Yes Yes Yes
Can be embedded on Facebook Yes No No
Include links to Twitter and GoodReads Yes No No
Include reviews and media mentions Yes No No
Include multiple buying options Yes No No
Discovery by book readers Yes (On No (Issuu is mostly for magazines) Yes of course
Link to review copy giveaways Yes No No
Twitter integration (scheduled tweets on Twitter) Yes No No
Section for ‘Story Behind Your Book’ Yes No No
Set pages that you want to show in your excerpt Yes Yes No
Available in multiple colors to complement your book / website theme Yes Yes No

Also, if you would like to get the new flipper for your book, please login to your BookBuzzr Book Marketing Home page and click on the ‘BookBuzzr Flipper’ icon (in the ‘Book Marketing Widgets’ section).

Book Marketing Home page

Here is the flipper in action:

What do you think?

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