Tour of QuickQuiz

Welcome to this tour of QuickQuiz – the world’s first viral book marketing technology for authors. As an author, you probably realize the importance of reaching out to your readers on Facebook. As you know, most Facebook users are looking for fun and relaxation unlike average blog visitors. These users have very short attention spans […]

Mid-Week Book Marketing Tips: Write Posts That Soar Above Cemeteries of the “UnRead”

Guest Expert: Aggie Villanueva If your blog post doesn’t grab immediate attention it’s doomed to a plot in the cemetery of the dreaded unread. Here’s 5 tips that will keep your posts from being buried alive. It’s important to use at least one intriguing photo with each post, such as the one I used here. […]

What is BookBuzzr?

We recently received an email from an author asking “What is BookBuzzr?” As some of you, who have been following us know, we’ve grown from just one product (the BookBuzzr Widget) to several different technologies. The one thing that is common among all of our products and technologies is that they are all focused on […]

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