An Interview with Venita Louise

Venita Louise has been a BookBuzzr subscriber since 2010. During this time, her books have been gathering highly positive reviews on Amazon and other places. For example, one reviewer wrote, “I was so enthralled by Venita’s writing style and her descriptive details, it made me feel like I was right there going through everything with […]

5 Bookbuzzr Widget Installations To Inspire You In December 2014

1. Peggy Green – Coming Out, Coming to Faith, Coming to the Table: Stories We Told Across Enemy Lines   2. Michelle Hughes – Tears of Crimson   3. Caroline Gebbie – Greenwood: A Vampire Series (The Darker Side of Deb Book 1)   4. Matthew Heines – Killing Time in Saudi Arabia: An American Experience   5. Dominic Buffery – The Odyssey of Daniel […]

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