Mid-Week Book Marketing Tips: Write Posts That Soar Above Cemeteries of the “UnRead”

Guest Expert: Aggie Villanueva If your blog post doesn’t grab immediate attention it’s doomed to a plot in the cemetery of the dreaded unread. Here’s 5 tips that will keep your posts from being buried alive. It’s important to use at least one intriguing photo with each post, such as the one I used here. […]

Book Marketing Mondays: How to be a successful blogger: Really Love Thy Neighbour

Guest Expert: Jo-Anne Vandermeulen The characteristics of a successful blogger are not too far off from the attributes as being an excellent teacher. I taught school for 20 years and swimming for 5 years before that. Classroom management was my strong suit…and the fact that I loved my students, they in turn…loved me back. I […]

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