5 rules for building your author brand

  You hear more and more often that indie authors need to create their own brand. But positioning yourself and standing out in a big pond full of talented and creative writers is not an easy job. Determining who you want to be and getting known as an author is also not happening overnight. Many […]

7 Tips on Getting Reviews for your Book

I literally get thousands of review requests per month. In the days when I reviewed gadgets as well, there were always hundreds of requests each day. Most of these email pleas were dreadful, with insulting requests like, “Hey, give me a 5-Star Review because you are a good person.” (Well, actually I liked the “good […]

Top 10 Book Marketing Tips for Authors

Congratulations! Your book is finally done, and you think it’s the best one ever! You created an eye-catching cover and the editor found no problems, so it’s time to launch! Amazon, here we go! You’ve uploaded your book there, and now it’s a waiting game before all that dollars start rolling and 5-star reviews begin […]

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